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Infrastructure Facilities

Virat Agrotech is proud to offer an array of Toll Manufacturing services across multiple markets.

We work with our customers’ requirements in toll manufacture whether the products have unique properties or require specific development criteria. Exclusivity is treated as an up-most priority for all contracts to ensure complete non-disclosure.

Our highly flexible stainless steel vessels are all equipped with heating, cooling, circulation, agitation and filtration. Some of the vessels are flameproof and therefore able to handle both aqueous and solvent based manufacturing products.

Our current production facilities on-site include:

Spray Drying Facility

We have the state of art three stage drying system to cater your precise particle size requirements for agro WDG products, Fine chemicals and Dyes. The evaporation rate of the drying facility is 500kg/hr

Air Jet Mill

We have a pair of SS Air Jet mill which can reduce the particle size for powder upto 5µ for agro WP/DP formulations. It works on the capacity of 200kg/hr.

Liquid Formulation facility

Four liquid formulation jacketed assemblies made up of stainless steel are available.

Solvent Storage Facility

An underground solvent storage tank of 25kl is present in the plant.

Vertical 200 L Bead Mill

We have 6 vertical Bead Mills for Pigment Emulsion with 200 L capacity.


We have 3 homogenizers made up of stainless steel.

Hold up tanks

Four HDPE hold up tanks are available .

Powder blending with liquid spraying system

Powder dye/pigment blending facilities

Effluent treatment plant ( for the waste generated in washing and analysis)

We have an on site effluent treatment plant for the treatment of waste water generated from washing purposes and water from analysis purpose.

A pair of Automated Liquid filling lines for small packing of liquid

On site DM water plant

Analytical Facilities
  • Agrochemical AI (Active Ingredients), particle size analysis facility.
  • Textile Auxiliaries and pigment testing facility.
Packaging Systems

Once your product is produced we ensure it is stored in a safe and controlled storage environment. We package and label your products, quickly and flexibly adapted to your requirements. We handle hazardous materials with exceptional professional responsibility.


  • We have Semi-automated material delivery, filling and packaging process integrated into core production.
  • We use Packaging that has reduced material safety risks, contamination prevention and foreign body intrusion.
  • Stuffing of containers at factory premises.
  • Inline weighing that assures accurate gross & tare weights.
  • We offer packaging in IBC, jumbo bag, drum, boxes, HDPE bags and bottles.

We can offer any packaging material option to serve your specific requirements

Upcoming Facilities

  • Agro WDG Setup with Sigma Mixer, Basket Extruder and FBD.
  • CS formulation Set Up.